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Three Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Indian Bridal Dresses

 Your wedding is the one day where you want to look like a million bucks. Even a single mistake while purchasing the Indian bridal dresses online, the USA can haunt you for years to come. So, you must avoid any major mistakes during the selection and purchasing process.     And since the bridal dress market can overwhelm you. We are going to aid you in this process. Here is a list of three common mistakes that you must avoid while buying your Indian bridal dress so that you can rejoice in your wedding day’s memory with the biggest smile.    1- Rushing to buy the dress: We understand the happiness is immense once the date is finalized. But if you think there is almost a year to your wedding date, then wait and do some research. Start six months before the date to purchase the latest design.   2- Not keeping an open mind: Never get attached to a particular style. When you try different options, you will get an idea of what colour, silhouette and type of lehenga will look better.    3- No

How To Choose a Lehenga Based On My Body Type?

 Bridal lehengas are one of the prettiest purchases made by any woman. And every woman wants to look elegant when she wears her designer lehenga on her wedding day. However, not all women have a similar body type. It is possible that if something flaunts, your shape may not flaunt your friend’s body type.     So, it is essential that you  buy designer bridal lehengas in USA , only after knowing what type of lehenga suits your body and will make you feel like a million bucks.    Now, let’s look at a few body types and see which type of lehenga suits them better.     1- Apple shaped body type: If you have a heavy torso, then choose a circular bridal lehenga and pair it with a full-sleeved blouse. You can even choose a heavy skirt so that the attention can be drawn towards your legs.    2- Pear shaped body type With a pear-shaped body type, you can choose to avoid the flatter towards the hip area by selecting the A-line lehengas.    3- For curvy brides: Do not opt for a densely layered le