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What Is The Wedding Style For Brides With Short Height?

There are many questions and confusion among the short height bride about her wedding outfit. Every bride wants to look elegant and perfect on her big day, just like wearing a  Manish Malhotra wedding lehenga design . Well, there is nothing to be worried about, because, in this article, we have mentioned some styling tips for the short bride to make her look perfect on her big day. Here are some tips:    1- Choose a thick border   If you choose a heavy and thick border lehenga and dupatta, it will make the outfit look more lavish and doesn’t make your height look short.  2- Choose a flowy fabric  Most brides want their outfit to be heavier, which make them look even short & plumper. So, you should consider choosing a flowy outfit like georgette, net, sheer, or silk.   3- Invest in the best heel  You need a comfortable pair of the heel that suits the wedding attire to finish the look and make you feel tall. You must invest in the right type of heel that doesn’t give you any pain dur

Top Frequently Asked Questions About The Bridal Outfit

Wedding is an exciting event, and it also comes with a lot of confusions especially, for the brides-to-be, about her hairstyle, jewellery, makeup, and most importantly, the outfit. There are a lot of questions we’ve answered about the bridal outfit in this article. Here are some FAQ’s about bridal wedding attire.      FAQ: 1 – What if I do not want red colour attire? What are the colours choices I do have?  There is no doubt nowadays. Most brides are picking up different shades for their wedding day. The traditional colour of an Indian wedding is red, but if it’s not your taste, then you can choose any colour that suits your skin tone. Know about your skin colour, your undertones to get the best colour outfit.  FAQ: 2 – Should I go for a plain or embroider blouse?  This is again a difficult situation for brides-to-be to choose her blouse style, pattern, and fabric. Today, most brides go for deep V, or U cut neck styles with half and off-shoulder sleeves. If you are looking for a tren