What Are The Best Colors For The Minimalist Bride?

Minimalism is a trend that is followed by many people who love to keep things simple yet sophisticated. Minimalism is not just limited to home d├ęcor or one’s lifestyle but even to fashion choice.  


And that is why there are many brides who incorporate a minimalistic aesthetic with their Indian wedding clothes. 
Keeping the minimalism approach in mind, we are drafting this blog with a few color options that every minimalist bride will love. 
1- Golden:
Golden is the color of the hour. In fact, almost every other bridal attire has some golden detailing to it. And it isn’t necessary that you should go with golden, you can shop around for rose gold, dusty rose or even cinnamon rose. 
2- Champagne:
Weddings are all about colors. So, if you aren’t a fan of whites, then champagne wedding dresses make you feel super chic and subtle.  
3- Pastels:
With pastels, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Pastel lehengas aren’t too loud, meaning they will look absolutely chic when paired with the right accessories. You can play around with color block pastel lehenga too. 
4- Pistachio green:
Green is a vibrant color. But pistachio green has an impressive hue to it. A pretty combination of pistachio green and light pink will go a long way. 
Bottom line 
So, there you go. These are our top pick of colors for the minimalist bride. 
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