How To Select The Best Wedding Lehenga Depending On Your Skin Tone?

Do you have a wedding coming up soon? Want to appear so flawless that you'll knock your future husband's socks off and make him think you're the finest thing that has ever happened to him?

I know that virtually every lady is a bit of a romantic, and your eyes must have seen some pretty huge fantasies when it comes to your big wedding. One of the most essential things you must do in the heat of the wedding madness is to seek for the best wedding lehengas.

Before purchasing a bridal lehenga, there are several factors to consider, including the kind, your own size, blouse design, and lehenga pattern.

Women are said to spend an eternity selecting the most beautiful bridal lehenga choli that would make every visitor gasp. Don't worry if you're a bride-to-be who's worried about finding the right Manish Malhotra wedding lehenga design to make your big day complete. 

The following are a few tips to help you select the perfect lehenga that will compliment your skin tone.

1) Understand Your Skin Tone

The first step in selecting the perfect lehenga colour is identifying your skin tone. You are either fair, whitish, or dusky. Determine which group you belong to and match the colour of your lehenga to it.

2) Understand your Underskintone

This is a crucial consideration; there are two fundamental tones: cool and warm. Cool undertones are represented by blue veins on the wrist, whereas warm undertones are represented by green veins. Soft hues like light green, light pink, and pastels will work best if your undertone is cool. But with a warm undertone, colours such as red, yellow, and orange will look fantastic.

3) Lehenga Colours based on Your Skin Tone

Shades of orange, red, royal blue, dark pink, and others are recommended for girls with whitish and dusky complexions. If you're a fair-skinned lady getting married, light green, sky blue, bubblegum pink and lemony yellow should be your wedding lehenga's colour palette.

So, we hope that our advice on how to pick a lehenga based on colour was useful to you and that you can now simply narrow down your colour options. To avoid seeming hayward, make sure your wedding makeup is done in accordance with the gown and your skin tone hue. On your wedding day, I hope you look like a princess.


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